NeurologyUsha Hospital

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The department of Neurology in Our Hospitals is one of the best in the state and is headed by a team of highly capable doctors who treat patients who have severe neurological disorders. We are equipped with the best facilities and equipment to provide quality care for our patients at all times.

Our Neurology department is supported by the use of advanced equipment. We use the best medical equipment maintenance practices to ensure that every resource is available for our doctors to treat our patients effectively.

Our equipment list includes

  • EEG Machine
  • EPS Machine
  • Bio-Feedback Machine

We provide the following specialized services as part of our neurology department

  • Epilepsy Treatment
  • Neuromuscular Treatment
  • Polysomnography pattern identification and treatment
  • Neuro-Rehabilition for both Inpatient and outpatient admissions.
  • Neuro-development services
  • Management of Blepharospasm, dystonia and spasticity
  • Diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases like parkinson's disease which require very special medical skills.
  • Deep Brain Stimulation procedures